The Details

Our season is 10 months in duration and trainings are held on Saturday's or Sunday's.

We have open trials/clinics which begin in the spring of each year and end in the summer/fall of each year.

Our program has a trial process and players are only allowed to participate if they are awarded a spot in the program.

We have two programs:



Anthem Elite Junior Academy for ages 4yr - 6yr and Anthem Elite Academy for ages 7 and up.

We will compete in about 6 competitions each season which are NOT mandatory.

Each year we will select 1-2 players from each age group to attend the National ID camp in Florida where they will have a chance to be selected to play in Spain in the Youth Futsal World Cup

All trainings will be held in Roseville.

Maximum roster limit is 10-14 players per age group.

Once the training season has started we will NOT have open trainings for the public.

Each training session is either an hour and a half, two hours or three hours depending on the time of year.


We are not a club, we are not a team, we are an elite futsal development training program. Futsal is no sport to us, it's a lifestyle that is focussed on developing our players into top soccer athletes. Our goal is to help every player that is in our program reach their maximum potential so that they can play soccer at the highest levels. In the end, it's not about championships won, it's about positive memories made, friendships made, and dreams coming to reality. We believe that every kid that we train can play anywhere they want to play, and we will do everything we can to help develop , guide them and mentor them in the best direction. Anthem is more than just Futsal it's a lifestyle.


When it comes to the youth we believe it is our duty to put them in the best situations possible and we will do everything we can to help them achieve their goals and dreams. We are proud to be a part of The United Futsal CCS 2021. You can read more about it by clicking below.


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