Why Anthem FC?

Easy answer, because we are the best at what we do!

Our method's effectiveness is played out every weekend all over the Northern California Region. Our ambition is always taking us to something bigger… something with more purpose.  In the end, we do not wish to be judged by how many championships were won or lost. We want to be judged by how our players matured and developed into not only college caliber soccer players, but also great people. Ultimately, we want our success to be measured by the number of Anthem players that participate in soccer at the collegiate level and by the success our players achieve in all aspects of their lives. 


Elite Training

Our training is the highest level of Futsal training you can receive in the Sacramento Region. Anthem FC is dedicated to world-class youth futsal development. In our short existence (2015) we’ve brought unprecedented success to the West Coast and the Sacramento region including 1 World Championship (Florida), 2 International Championships (Hawaii) 3 National Championships, and 8 Regional Championships. Each year Anthem FC sends players to play at the highest levels in the country and world. Aside from all of that, our curriculum and program are designed to develop well-rounded players in a fun and highly competitive environment. Anthem FC is the only certified member of US FUTSAL in the Sacramento Region.




Anthem FC is the ONLY Development Academy recognized by the United States Futsal Federation in the Sacramento Region. Anthem FC has a track record for producing some of the nations best futsal/soccer players. Anthem is home to most of the best players in the entire Northern California region.

Anthem FC is also a proud member of United Futsal CCCs (Champions Cup Series) 2021 which is the pathway to the highest level of youth futsal globally. 


Anthem Futsal is structured to complement a player's regular soccer development not compete with it. Anthem FC is an 'ELITE' Futsal development program, this means each player has to earn a spot in the development program by going through a trial process. Anthem FC does not allow outside players to participate in CLOSED events. If you are interested in an opportunity to train with some of the nations best futsal/soccer players please contact us.


100 Atkinson Street, Roseville California

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